Tips For A Cleaning An Air Conditioner

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The secret to have a long and well-functioning air conditioner is to maintain it and clean it at regularly at the proper time and the proper way. It is advised to clean these at least once in six months. That way you can be sure that it will last longer and give you less trouble. If the one you have at home is a small unit cleaning it on a regular basis can help to ensure that it will run to its full and maximum capacity and you can extend its life by ensuring a proper maintenance by mould cleaners at Darwin. Here are a few tips to make this task easier for you.

Set aside the time.

To do a complete cleaning for your unit it may take up to an hour. Therefore set a date for it and make sure to set aside an hour for cleaning the outer case to air conditioner mould removal. Make a list of all things that you will need and have them ready. You will need items like A/C coil cleaner , electrical motor oil, a basic household cleaner, rags , a vacuum , gloves et.

Safety first

It is important keep safety in mind. Wear your gloves and remove the plastic filter. This should snap off and slide off but if it does not then the case for screw which would normally be at the bottom edge of the unit. Keep in mind that this case can be heavy so be prepared for that.

Get help

There are experts out there that can do this job for you. Especially if you are focusing on aircon cleaners then it may be best to get an expert to do this for you. Check out the local supplier for aircon cleaners this and do some research before hiring them. Since they will be coming in to your home you need to find those that are reliable and have the proper credentials for the job. If the supplier that you bought the unit form does not do the cleaning and maintenance then ask them to recommend one for you.

It may be cheaper to this on your own but get an expert to do it may be more beneficial in a long run since they will be able to give the proper care and maintenance need to pro long the life of the unit. If you are determined to do these on your own then research about the entire cleaning process before you get down to the job.

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