Things You Need To Know About Recycling

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If you take a good look around your house, you will find a lot of things which are no longer used and are being thrown away, when those objects can be recycled. Recycling can be very important to prevent pollution. It is very common to recycle paper, glass and plastics but there are many things which can be recycled that you have no idea about. Batteries can be recycled, so collect all the used batteries and give them to a recycling center.

We all have broken crayons in our house that we throw away, but we can donate broken crayons to organizations where they melt the broken crayons to make new ones. Your old shoes and mattresses can be recycled to make clothing products. If you’re having old eye glasses you can donate them to the less fortunate with bad eye sight. You can always look up for roller doors in an organization to help you up. Old keys can be sold as scraped metal.

How to properly organise your garage

A garage can be a really messy place, as all the tools and many other items which doesn’t have space in your living rooms and rooms are placed in the garage. A well organised garage will surely help you to get your work done easily by spending less time. If you remove your shoes in your garage, use a shoe rack and instead of keeping them on the floor to avoid mess and to save up the maximum amount of floor space.

You can use your coffee cans and milk cans as small recycling centers where you can separately collect paper, glass, batteries, etc. Using a fold-up work table in your garage can save a lot of space when the table is not in use. If you spend hours in your garage and its cold outside, using an insulated garage roller doors will keep your garage insulated and the items in your garage protected.  Placing your storage tower in a corner of the garage can also save up floor space.

How to clean your garage floor

Your garage floor can be very annoying when it comes to cleaning because of all the oil stains and saw dust. Before cleaning your garage floor, move away all the items off and sweep through. Use high pressure water to wash off the garage floor but also make sure that the water doesn’t enter the other parts of your house if there is a connection between your garage and your living space. With a stiff brush, scrub the floor using a abrasive cleaner while the floor is still wet and rinse the floor with water. Sweep away all the excess water with a broom or a mob when you’re done.

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