How To Increase Warehouse Storage Capacity?

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Storing is an important thing in every business. There are several types of storing capacities in recent time. Such as, wire shelves, warehouse shelve, plastic shelve and office shelve. Each of them helps to accommodate several types of products.

Warehouse shelve is generally made by steel to keep all the everyday items. This type of steel shelving is famous for its durability and they can resist the weight of allkinds of products very easily. So, most of the companies prefer to use this warehouse storage. Although it has a lot of space but still you can increase the capacity of the storage easily. 

Here are some tips to increase the capacity of warehouse storage.
1. By creating VNAs: If your company grows different kind of products, then you can create VNA or narrow aisles which help to store several products or widgets without having much constraint in business operations. In this system, you can put a particular type of product in a particular aisle. By creating this type of narrow VNA you can be able to access only one vehicle at a time. But your vehicle should have forklifts and other equipment to perform this kind of work. 

2. By improving the condition of Racking system: If you want more space in your warehouse storage, then you can improve the condition of pallet racking system. You can do this by enlarging the space of the racks. Just boost the vertical space of the storage and it will be helpful for your team workers to use the storage and remove the materials from the racks easily. When you will see that there is enough space over the racks, then you should understand that you have got the ability of enlarging the space. 

3. By experimental configurations, include block stacking, to optimise the storage: while you want to expand the area of the warehouse storage, you can use several equipment and tools. You need to make sure that the forklifts can rise at enough height and can reach at every critical space. Make sure that if you change the racks into aisles the forklift will able to catch the things from that place also. You can change the racks but be sure that the new one can handle load and it has enough strength. You can then include block stacking and optimise the storage capacity for better placement.
With the various ideas discussed above, you can now improve the efficiency and function of your warehouse storage.

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