Getting The Experts To Take Care Of Your Boss’s Room

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Your boss has just told you that he will be going overseas on an urgent assignment and has put you in charge of the office matters until he returns. Apart from the huge responsibility you have already being entrusted with your boss also tells you to have his room cleaned before he returns. After your boss leaves on his overseas trip you take a look at his room and realise that a lot oftidying up has to be done. You cannot believe the dust and dirt that has collected on your boss’s sliding door and panes. 

Photos of jobs done

You ask a colleague whom you should contact to get the job done and she tells you to get in touch with the company that has experience in Adelaide window cleaning. She also tells you that she has got the same company to take care of the dust and dirt at her brother’s company and that they have done a very good job. You decide to go to the company and meet the experts beforehand and see what they have to offer. The staff at the company first show you photos of some of the work they have done and explain to you how they take care of the job. Their team will first visit the site and tell you what needs to be done. But you have no problem with their work and efficiency after you see the photos and tell them to start work immediately. The professionals visit the office and tell you that they will need a week to complete the job and that they will want access to the office after office hours as well.

Type of equipment

You are at your boss’s office when the team arrives. You are taken by surprise when you see the type of equipment the team brings along with them for the job. Sliding ladders, tables, mops, brushes mop buckets and even safety equipment is brought to the site. While you watch the team that handles commercial window cleaning get started. While one expert uses the ladder to climb up and reach a high glass pane the other one gets stated with the washing of the floor. The third team member gets started on your boss’s table. Washing and dusting continues at a rate and you cannot believe what you are seeing. 

True professionals

It is very clear that these guys are true professionals from the way they work as a team and you have no doubt that the job will be done well. The job is finally done and your boss’s room looks spick and span and the glass panes are finally shining again.

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